Does it really counteract cat odor I have lived in my home for about 12 years now and have had many cats appear and disappear;With each having left its own mark or scent behind in some way.Pet odor is a difficult problem to reduce or even to hide.Individual cats, and even just female cats, will spray an area whether they'd like to smell that another cat has been there.Your cats are not looking ruin your things, they are trying make sure that every other cat knows that the nearby territory belongs to them.I had a cat as a child who would go so far as to mark people too!I needed a product to neutralize the pet odor smell and to keep my 4 cats from returning to the carpet in my dining room to spray and urinate.Upon the suggestion of 2 different employees from my local pets mart store i chose a product called"Natural miracle, i compensation .99 plus tax for a 16 ounce plastic pumping bottle of spray.This was one of the cheaper products in stock, but it did come with a refund policy so i felt that i couldn't lose by making this purchase.It promised to neutralize the odor and to discourage my cats from soiling the area further. I used the nature's miracle spray as soon as i got home and immediately i remarked that it has a strong and displeasing odor.It not only keeps my cats out of the room but ran me and my dogs into the other part on the town.I put up with the overpowering chemical odor and used this product back to back over a two week period, 2 3 cycles a day, onrr a daily basis.This program did not stop Pandora Charms Australia my cats from returning to the area to spray or urinate.Not only did i notice that my cats were returning with ease to the area to urinate in order to replace the offensive smell, but there were more pet soiling action than before.The spray seemed to increase the necessity of my cats to mark over the scent of the spray. I great deals was so unhappy with this supplement that i returned it for a refund.I am still currently awaiting a refund offered by producer as a guarantee that states"Satisfaction or a refund, the bar code on the label and original receipt with price must be sent to the maker located in new york.I would never recommend electronic cigarettes to anyone for their pet odor problems. Revealed by pandora hall Pandora is an akc doberman pinscher owner and fans.View collection Nature's miracle is critical for all pet ownersno matter how well trained your pet is, chances are Pandora Charms knowledge an accident at some point or another.If you've got a dog or cat, you must have a bottle of nature's miracle their home.

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